About Us

About Us

about-rencool-dc-airconditioningRencool Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company, manufacturing durable high quality Air Conditioning systems for distribution into the worlds marketplace.

Rencool Pty Ltd can design and manufacture systems to suit a wide range of applications and specialise in full DC voltage systems that operate without the need for an engine driven compressor.

Our products can be found within the Trucking and Transport industry, Mining, Construction and Heavy lift, Rail (both locomotive and static installations), marine, civil aviation, telecommunications, solar power plants and the defence sector.

australian-manufactured-dc-airconditiongCurrently we manufacture and supply product directly to OEM clients and their suppliers, wholesalers, truck and machinery dealerships, project management company’s, local and federal governments and the end user.

Whether you require 1 or 1000 units, we can provide a custom solution for your application and offer direct dispatch via our extensive world wide distribution network.

Rencool Pth Ltd has established distributors in Canada, USA, South Africa (also servicing the Middle East), Asia and Australia.

Our dedicated team in the R&D department are constantly employing the latest in technology and procedures to produce systems that offer our clients a cost effective option that is energy efficient, durable, low maintenance and with reduced operational cost’s and environmentally safe

Rencool Pty Ltd have an extensive patented product line of remote mount drive units, active cooled condensers, evaporators, complete turn key systems, electronic monitoring and user control panels in stock for immediate delivery

rencoolfactoryIf it needs specialised DC Air Conditioning… we have it!


Disclaimer Please Note: 

Rencool takes no liability for improper calculation on power inputs from alternators or any other such power supplies including AC (Alternating Current ) to supply to any Rencool DC HVAC compressor and/or full compete units containing our MD or DRK7/& 8 series compressors on complete unit systems.

Your alternator must be above 100 amps on @12 volt and 24 volts and able to cope with your calculated other power consumptions on the truck, machine, Van or any type of vehicle mobile or stationary etc used while in use must be sufficient to do all is required to run the truck, machine, Van or any type of vehicle mobile or stationary etc. We recommend always best to consult Auto-Electrician for these calculations. Original power cables, electrical system installed on the truck, machine, Van or any type of vehicle mobile or stationary etc must also be sufficient to handle the extra load from the Rencool compressor and/or complete system.

Rencool staff will share any information on our systems they made need answering regards to the compressor and/or complete system/s you are considering purchasing so you or your Electrician/s can be sure of the calculations are correct.