Climate Controllers

Climate Controllers

12 & 24 Volt

DC Electronic Cabin Controls

Automatic control and adjustment with memory function to adjust air temperature according to inside Temperature. Refresh air Precision temperature adjustment with gentle air-flow.

All digital signal of high-speed transmission (when adopting CAN system) and saving wiring Cost considerably.

Water and dust proof, more suitable for the Special working environment of construction vehicle.

Remoter (optional), more suitable for the special working environment of construction vehicle.

Infrared temperature sensor (optional) to collect Temperature data around driver’s face for Precision temperature adjustment and more Pleasant environment.

Outside AQ sensor(optional), able to Automatically close external circulation unit to protect inside air from bad air contents outside.

Error code alarm and air conditioner running time display.

Self-checking and error fault tracing for early Discovery.

Auto-protection to prolong parts life cycle and reduce maintenance cost.

LED icon and image display, distinct automatic adjustment of backup lamp day and night.